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What is Endor Technologies and how does it work?

Endor Technologies is a skincare brand that has successfully formulated the patented active ingredient of nano gold technology [Gold Thioethylamino Hyaluronic Acid (nano)] to create an anti-aging skincare range.

The active ingredient in Endor products is Gold Thioethylamino Hyaluronic Acid (AuHATM), a gold-HA complex created via Endor’s patented method of bonding Hyaluronic Acid (HA) to 10nm gold particles. At only 22-nm in size, they are smaller than any other HA-delivery system and can easily penetrate the surface of skin into the epidermis. A low concentration of AuHA has a very powerful effect.

Once applied to the skin, the gold nanotechnology activates the skin’s cell receptor which increases the natural production of HA, collagen and elastin resulting in firmer, healthier skin. This is clinically proven and dermatologically tested.

What are the benefits and expected results?

Benefits of Endor Technologies Anti-Aging Products include:

  • Moisturisation, due to production of HA (in epidermis and dermis)
  • Wrinkle reduction, produced by the redensification of cellular matrix
  • Texture Improvement
  • Elasticity improvement, produced by the increase of elastin
  • Firmness improvement, produced by the redensification of dermis and epidermis
  • Cellulite reduction, produced by the redensification of the skin.
  • Healthier and brighter skin
  • Fast regeneration after aggressive treatments, due to cell migration and proliferation
  • Scar improvement, due mainly to the production of collagen.


In a clinical study, after 28 days of using Endor skincare products, it was observed that:

  • AuHA had activated the production of new collagen and hyaluronic acid by 32% to 89% in the epidermis and 37% to 171% in the dermis.
  • There was an improvement of skin firmness up to 75%.

Product Range

Facial Products

  • Anti-aging Serum
  • Anti-aging Facial Cream
  • Anti-ageing Nutritive Cream
  • Eye Contour Cream
  • Hyalgen Serum RF+ (for professional use only)

Body Products

  • Anti-Cellulite Cream
  • Neck & Decollete Cream
  • Slimming & Firming Cream
  • Celltense Serum RF+ (for professional use only)

For more information on the individual products, please refer to our products catalogue.