Laser Vein Removal

Evoque Laser Vein Removal Treatment

What is this and how does it work?

Laser Vein Removal is a minimally invasive procedure to minimise the appearance of vascular lesions, spider veins, varicose veins, and telangiectasia.

Fontona Starwalker® MaQX Laser and SmartCure™ Smart Electro Pen by SecretTM DUO

At Evoque Medical Aesthetics, we offer two types of laser treatments:

i. Fotona Starwalker® MaQX Laser

Laser solution that is targeted at vascular lesions. The MaQX utilises long-pulsed Nd:YAG laser technology which can penetrate to a depth of 5 to 6 mm into the skin, allowing for highly effective treatment.

ii. SmartCure™ Smart Electro Pen by SecretTM DUO

Laser solution that is targeted at thread and spider veins. The K3i insulated single electrolysis needle (0.075mm) delivers heat solely to the targeted veins without risks of damage to the epidermis and surrounding tissue.

What to expect during the treatment process?

  • Procedure Duration

    30 minutes

  • Discomfort Level

    Mild to Moderate

  • Expected Downtime


What conditions are suitable for this procedure?

Facial Veins

This procedure is recommended for removal of veins such as:

Vascular lesions

  • Haemangiomas
  • Vascular malformations e.g. Port-wine stains, Telangiectasias, Spider veins, etc.

Facial veins or Thread veins

  • Broken capillaries
  • Facial telangiectasia

What are the expected results?

The use of laser for vein removal helps enhance the precision of treatment without negatively impacting surrounding tissues.

Discover if this procedure is the right treatment for you. Schedule a consultation appointment for a thorough evaluation and assessment with our team.

**Do note that individual results may vary.