Universkin M – Peptides Serum Mist

Instant relieve, Instant restore, Instant smooth

Universkin M - Peptides Serum Mist



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Introducing the newest addition to the Universkin range, a soothing, protective & balancing serum mist to help instantly relieve redness and itchiness and retain a healthy skin barrier. Universkin M offers immediate comfort to the skin and helps restore a youthful look. It instantly reduces scratching, spaces out the urge to scratch, and relaxes the skin. The calming effect helps to boost the radiance of the skin.

For all skin types, face, and body, especially for: sensitive, dry to very dry or atopy-prone skin or skin prone to itching. Suitable for face and body use, Universkin M is also the go-to solution for maintaining glowing and comfortable skin after sun exposure.


150 ml

Directions for Use:

After gentle cleaning, spray on dry skin from a distance of 15-20 cm, and before using other products. Do not use on bleeding, weeping, and/or second-degree burned skin.